martes, febrero 28, 2006

In each corner of the empty lot (En cada esquina del solar vacío, versión guiri)

Who, who is near?
In each corner of the empty lot
A boy cries of fear
The grey man shakes of cold
transforms the childhood into alcohol
The wind, the wind of your defects
It blows of here to no one of your sides
Polyhedral, perfect sides
Insane, with dead fingers, nihilistic
That support, support with wings
More of the aimed thing in the list
Between yesterday and today, a Greek way
With sweet movement, with magic in every
Letter, word, verb and God therefore
God soldier of right sword
Worthy of an empty and baroque chant
Baroque: Agony of the art, last movements
The Imagination dies, arrives the Epica
That God to us takes confessed
And he doesn't see us profane the corners
Corners and corners outside the way
The last room waits for the Master
(If there is a master between cottons)
The jar has changed the water by wine
For that reason
we are orphaned
In an universe
Work and prey of a
drunken God
Who throws reality
In each corner
of his empty lot
Cayetano Gea Martín

2 comentarios:

Martuki dijo...

Dear Kay,
I´m afraid your mind is starting to wander around too much. You´d better watch out, just in case it gets lost and doesn´t know how to get back to you. See you later!!!

Kay dijo...

Dear Martuki,
My mind is always wander around, but it's normal, I'm ok!