lunes, junio 20, 2005

Secret Love

Where you are?
Why you hide of me?
I seek you for the dry streets,
for mountains and hills.
But you never come.

I need you, here and now,
like the sunlight on my face.
I want to know when and how,
Cos I’m lost in the space,
in the wasteland of my heart.

My soul ain’t complete.
I shouldn’t write this song,
this desperate song of love.
Where you hide of me,
my secret love?
Cayetano Gea Martín

2 comentarios:

Miriam dijo...

You wake up, and the first thing that you think about is love...
The worst thing is to know that love is in the air but not in your air...just hiding...sad but true.
But never lose your faith to find it!

Kay dijo...

Ok, thanks... Good English, hew, hew...

But remember that the phrase "sad but true" has copyright Metallica, hew, hew...

Thank you... And wellcome back!!!

A huge kiss