miércoles, diciembre 27, 2006

Someone like you

If the storm arrives in fear,
I will be there, close to you,
Trying to sale this lake of tears

When my hands lost their goals,
I’ll still be waiting for you,
Hoping to see the wicked souls

If this cold universe collides,
And collides against you,
I’ll be there to recover the pieces,

Would they cut my three-feet children,
But I’m gonna disappear.
And into your heartbeat I’m gonna listen

And if I’ll find you,
all the losing time,
all the forgotten gods,
every single corner of this world,
all the deaf steps
and each and every lonely soul
will be mine forever
Cayetano Gea Martín

Somewhere in time I will find you and haunt you again
Like the wind sweeps the earth
Somewhere in time when no virtues are left to defend
You've fallen deep

The haunting - Thomas Youngblood

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